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The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool

The Fool Meaning - in General

Generally, the Fool card indicates new beginnings. You have an addictive personality and people love to be around you. This will always give you the opportunity for a busy and fulfilling life. If you're single, this is the ideal time to begin a new relationship. Your energy and youthful demeanour will bring someone into your life who'll love the way that you can make them feel young again. If you have plans for a new business enterprise, you could become very successful if you're serving the general public.

The Fool Meaning - in Love

In the area of love, the Fool's appearance may mean that commitment isn't for you quite yet, though others around you may be trying to pressure you. This card is positive for the love life; plenty of fun will be coming your way. Use caution, however, and don't allow your lust for fun overshadow "the real deal" (actual, deep, and true love) if it happens to you at this time.

The Fool Meaning - in Work

Others around you may have difficulty understanding and supporting your fresh ideas, proposals or changes, but when you know you are correct, keep going, and gently help others see your direction. Sometimes, this indicates new positions - or that it is finally time for you to "head out on your own," starting your own adventures in business.

The Fool Meaning - in Health

Possibly, you will be a bit prone to accidents when the fool shows up. You tend to live in each moment and avoid crazy chances. Overall, however, this card appearing signifies that your health will soon be improving. If you are currently experiencing issues in health, you will be quite likely to discover the items and individuals necessary to make a beeline to full recovery. Increasing positive thought becomes important. This will come quite easily for you.

The Fool Meaning - in Finance

In finances, the Fool becomes an exciting positive significator. Expect increases in finance, additionally, you will discover that you have it in you to realize that whatever happens financially, you turn out fine and always "wind up on top." Have trust in yourself, remember to work hard, and your expectations for yourself will be surpassed.

The Fool Meaning - in Spirituality

When the Fool appears, it is highly likely that you possess the desire to experience many different spirituality approaches to find out how they fit you. This exploration is perfectly acceptable, however, don't become caught up in just one avenue while you continue to explore. This card will indicate the powerful, driving need to gain a deeper knowledge in the realm of spirituality. Your family or friends may fail to understand why you are searching. Regardless of this misunderstanding, you still must do what is right for yourself.

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