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The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

The Hermit
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The Hermit Meaning - in General

As with Strength, you might be craving some quality alone time - jump forward and seize this time. It can be as small as a short walk down the street to regain focus. This card also greatly signifies a need to do what is right. Double check to be sure that the right thing is also doing what needs to be done for you. Don't only worry over others' needs.

The Hermit Meaning - in Love

Perhaps a past romance will come back for another try. Do you really want this? Romantic relationships don't seem to be top priority for you at this time. If you are telling yourself you truly want a relationship, evaluate your current behaviour. Is it in sync with these thoughts? For committed relationships, perhaps the two of you have been travelling separate directions for some time. Be sure to find some time to reconnect if you want to keep the relationship.

The Hermit Meaning - in Work

The time for recognition and success at work are coming soon for you. Strive to be productive and organised at work. It's not clear now, but your efforts will be fruitful for you soon. Do what's right even if no one is looking. You are consistently aware of your actions.

The Hermit Meaning - in Health

Any type of ritual will benefit your health, even if this means just reading an hour the same time every week. Any sort of issues with health might be pulling your attention toward other issues which has more to do with life than your body. For example, pains in the back might mean you have too much to carry metaphorically. Care for all aspects of your being.

The Hermit Meaning - in Finance

Now is when you need to be conservative in financial decisions and transactions. Money is not high on your priority list if the Hermit makes an appearance. If you currently invest, place that money into money markets with proven track records. Do not gamble.

The Hermit Meaning - in Spirituality

It is quite likely right now that someone will enter your life as a teacher or mentor, though you might be indirectly taught. This person will still benefit you; you will start to learn on many different levels. Respect the possibility that you might need to pull back from regular life - this isn't forever. Soon, you will feel more social. Avoid pushing yourself toward crowds unless it is necessary to do so. Most likely, you will come out of this renewed and refreshed, especially spiritually.

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