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The Hierophant (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

The Hierophant (reversed)
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The Hierophant (reversed) Meaning - in General

Receive the Hierophant card in reverse and it indicates that you tend to have a maverick type personality. You'll never conform to the normal routine and you'll always try and do things that'll bring you the most attention. This can be both good and bad. Being a rebel is fine so long as you don't hurt other people. You'll never be afraid to undertake new ventures, although, assistance from someone with whom you're closest to will bring amazing results. Beware though, trust will be damaged beyond repair if you betray this person.

The Hierophant (reversed) Meaning - in Love

If the Hierophant appears reversed, you might be growing tired of the normal relationship routines. You might feel a nagging to remove yourself from normal, accepted routines and roles. Honor this desire, but be careful if you do. The Hierophant holds an established, traditional method when it comes to relationships. If you push too hard or too quick, you might lose or alienate the relationship. Be careful.

The Hierophant (reversed) Meaning - in Work

Though you might find yourself receiving advice or surrounded by some helpful, solid mentors, the Hierophant reversed means you will need to make a decision. You will need to either disagree or agree with someone at some time. Be true to the self, as that is essential at this time.

The Hierophant (reversed) Meaning - in Health

You might find it necessary to make a few changes in your everyday regime. If this card is reversed, it is a great time to have positive habits and rituals; it's not, though, great to remain inflexible. If there is an existing continuous challenge to your health which does not improve, it is now the time to ask for another opinion or attempt more esoteric methods of healing. Use any method from attention to your diet, massage, or limiting substance intake. You may see a significant change.

The Hierophant (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

Similar to its upright meaning, this card signifies a time when playing by the rules is essential. Additionally, use traditional, grounded, normal methods of money handling. Gambling is a bad idea right now as it will not benefit you at all. Seek out advice from bankers, money managers or those who have more financial experience than yourself. This time is perfect for investments, but be conservative. Do not take monetary chances or purchase unusual bonds or stocks.

The Hierophant (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

Same as the Hierophant upright, the significance here is to be highly concerned with your spirituality, even though there may not be something equalling traditional beliefs in religion. It will benefit you greatly to make a point to carve out regular time, though you may not attend traditional worship, to find quiet time. Your spirit needs the quiet to expand. The importance here is regularity - whether weekly, daily, or whenever you can carve out time. You will begin to notice changes in outlook and life through these efforts. If you don't know how or where to begin, ask others, experiment, or read about some approaches.

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