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The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

The Hierophant
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The Hierophant Meaning - in General

Receiving the Hierophant card is a sign that you must be more confident with your traditional beliefs - no matter how much certain individuals will try to convince you otherwise. If you're currently thinking about starting a new project, then use the skills that you already have and look into your past, as what has worked well before will work equally well now. If you feel as if you need advice, seek it from someone with whom you have no connection, as they'll clear your mind of the negative thoughts implanted by people who want to trick you.

The Hierophant Meaning - in Love

Romance will likely be moving along wonderfully, though traditionally. The energies surrounding you now will work in your favour if you try to fulfil others' expectations of you. It is not the right time to work against the system. Try to be as conventional as possible.

The Hierophant Meaning - in Work

You might discover that a mentor or teacher which you have needed appears to you at this time - or you might become a mentor or teacher for another person. This time is great for involvement in groups, even though you don't consider yourself part of groups. You will discover that there is much to learn through these people in many positive ways. Your work life will be wonderful right now if you are able to play by the rules and stay organised.

The Hierophant Meaning - in Health

Rituals of every type will help you at this time. If there are existing health issues, order, commitment, and discipline - arranged in the best methods for you - will be the best way to approach health. Traditional means of therapy are also highly successful for you.

The Hierophant Meaning - in Finance

At this time, be sure to do everything by the book. Use a normal, traditional, grounded method for handling money. Seek out advice from professionals such as bankers and money managers. Individuals with more money management experience will also help you at this time. This period is great for investments as long as they are stable and conservative. Avoid the unusual stocks or chance takers.

The Hierophant Meaning - in Spirituality

Spirituality is of high concern to you right now, even though you may not have much equalling traditional beliefs. Make consistent time, though you may not attend regular worship, for quiet reflection. Your spirit needs time for expansion. The importance here is that it is regular - it can be weekly, daily, or whenever you have time. You will begin to notice changes in outlook and life through the time you give yourself.

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