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The High Priestess (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

The High Priestess (reversed)
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The High Priestess (reversed) Meaning - in General

Although you've chosen to live a life of solitude for a long period of time - giving you much needed space for reflection - receiving the High Priestess card in reverse is a sign that your dreams must now be turned into reality. You know exactly who you are and what you want, so there is no excuse for not taking your life in the right direction. Find ways of boosting your confidence as this will help when dealing with doubters. Believe in your abilities and you will soon achieve more than most people could ever imagine.

The High Priestess (reversed) Meaning - in Love

Even when this card is reversed, there remains very strong evidence that other people find you more attractive at this time. Do not ignore the sudden attention, especially if you happen to be looking! However, with this lady reversed, you might be discovering that it is difficult understanding the stance of others regarding romance and love. If you need clarity, ask for it. Do not assume anything.

The High Priestess (reversed) Meaning - in Work

If the High Priestess is reversed in regards to work related questions, you might currently be confused regarding what is going on in the world of work. If possible, try to ask your co-workers or supervisors for some clarity regarding what is going on at work. Your inner voice may be coaching you to begin laying low. If this is true, do that. The situation will clarify itself in time.

The High Priestess (reversed) Meaning - in Health

If the High Priestess shows up reversed in response to health queries, it is essential to remember that you might not possess all the necessary information. You should not fully accept your first opinion or diagnosis. Question it. If you currently receive treatment for any issues, it is time to gain another opinion. Trust the inner voice above all else, but continue to follow the doctor's instructions. If something does not feel right within the physical body, continue to seek more help until the help is received. A new doctor may be in order. Trust in yourself. Remember to keep supporting your health with vitamins, exercise and diet.

The High Priestess (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

A person in particular or a specific group might be slightly dishonest regarding finances at this time. If this card is reversed under a finance question, use extreme caution. Do not sign anything that you have not read thoroughly and understand completely. Ask for more information when necessary and seek advice if needed, especially with larger transactions. When this card makes an appearance, you know for sure that everything is not as it seems.

The High Priestess (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

If the High Priestess is drawn in response to a spirituality questions, she is trying to tell you that your spirit has messages for you. These messages have been sent to you in both sleeping and waking hours. You probably have not noticed them. Reconsider any types of odd occurrences or synchronicities which would have happened lately. Have you had vivid dreams that you can't shake? What do they tell you? Allow yourself sufficient meditation time to try and understand these messages that are being sent to you.

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