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The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning

The High Priestess
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The High Priestess Meaning - in General

This is when you need to rely on inner knowledge and intuition more than your intellect or consciousness. Pay careful attention to what you dream. Synchronicities become very likely at this time. If the High Priestess shows up for a male reading, she will most likely be representing a female whom he highly desires; but who is currently unattainable.

The High Priestess Meaning - in Love

This is possibly a mystical, magical time for your love life. If you are dating women, you might have an interest which is unapproachable and distant. Trust the inner voice. If the querent is a female, you might discover others literally throwing their affections toward you. Use your powers wisely - they are potent!

The High Priestess Meaning - in Work

A very pleasing surprise may be coming to you soon at your place of employment. This may even mean a new opportunity at work. You might discover some newer processes or systems which make life at work less stressful and simpler. Stay far away from gossip in the workplace. Ignore it and do not involve yourself in it.

The High Priestess Meaning - in Health

There might be some information regarding your health that you do not currently have. If you are feeling that there is something strange within your physical being, trust those concerns and stand up for yourself. You may have to switch doctors. Trust your inner voice. If any test or procedure suggested doesn't seem right to you, do not think you must do it. Be careful to support yourself through vitamins, exercise and diet.

The High Priestess Meaning - in Finance

There may be someone who is being somewhat dishonest with you in the realm of finances. You might not be getting all the necessary information. Do not hesitate to investigate this issue on your own. Be sure to only give out essential information when it comes to finances. Do not give out any more than necessary.

The High Priestess Meaning - in Spirituality

Messages will begin to come from many different areas. Make it a strict point to research spirituality in methods previously unexplored. Talk to those who have beliefs and experiences different from yours. Remove yourself from your own comfort zone. You will become better afterwards.

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