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The Lovers (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

The Lovers (reversed)

The Lovers (reversed) Meaning - in General

The Lovers card in reverse signifies the end of a relationship. You may feel sad at this time because of the situation you find yourself in, but there is no point in dwelling on these feelings as life is too short. You have needed to change direction for some time, so embrace whatever comes your way. If you feel that you have wasted years of your life on a certain person, then be happy that you're now taking positive steps. Learn from past experiences as they will always make you a stronger individual when moving forward.

The Lovers (reversed) Meaning - in Love

This card, though in reversal, becomes a great omen in your life for a few days. The reversed card in the context of love only slightly brings down an overall positive energy for some love coming to you. The card might also be indicative of small delays in the quickness which you start having positive feelings about love generally. Still, be positive. Now is a time for going out to meet others.

The Lovers (reversed) Meaning - in Work

If the Lovers appears reversed, perhaps you find a strong attraction to a co-worker. It's okay, but the reversal might indicate an extra level of caution needs to be practised. Think twice when mixing work with love. Do you understand all the repercussions? Might your job be in danger? Could you afford to lose it? Try not to be overly arrogant, review all scenarios before moving forward.

The Lovers (reversed) Meaning - in Health

Are you struggling with any health issues? If the answer is yes, then this card's appearance reversed might mean that caring for the self is most essential at this time. Look within yourself and learn to appreciate your body, though it may feel wrong, and though your body may have failed you before. It has given you quite a few positive things, and most likely, it has many more to give. Do you need some help? Seek it during this time. Self care and high self esteem is of utmost importance.

The Lovers (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

If love comes up reversed, perhaps you are beginning to give more attention to love and less attention to things which are equally important, including finances and friendships. Find out if you might need help then seek it out. At this time, if finances spin out of your control, it will turn into a large mistake, regardless of other life happenings. Avoid losing sight of those things which need attendance, even though you feel you are on cloud nine right now.

The Lovers (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

The Lovers card reversed in relation to spirituality questions might indicate for you to use caution. If you do not proceed with caution, you just might fall for a person who was supposed to be your instructor, pastor or teacher. Attempt a circumspect approach regarding these feelings if they happen. Often, love within those contexts will interfere, then prevent, the learning that you are meant to receive from this teacher. You will not receive what they offer. Perhaps a mentor or teacher claims love in your direction. Think this through before agreeing to move forward into a relationship. Think about if they are abusing their position. Use great caution.

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