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The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

The Lovers

The Lovers Meaning - in General

It's a distinct possibility that the Lovers card is giving you a warning that you must take a close relationship to the next level. Ties may seem strong, but they're becoming strained - to the point where you risk losing the person you love the most. Now is the time to show that you're utterly dedicated to this person, and the time to stop taking so much for granted. The biggest mistake you could make is to think that there are better options out there. You will lose everything and you will end up alone and full of regret.

The Lovers Meaning - in Love

If the Lovers card appears in questions of love, it typically means now is the time for LOVE to take a central position in life. Either there is a newer relationship or a strong re-introduction of one from the past. No matter which it is, your love life will make you very happy and other people will notice. This romance is serious. Perhaps, even though the relationship is new, you are still starting to meet one another's inner circles and the word 'forever' is out there. Share this immense joy with everyone near you that might need it. Life is full of bliss and this is perfect.

The Lovers Meaning - in Work

There may be a decision or choice for you right now at work. Review any information you can find, then choose the best path. Possibly, you might interpret something as bad but it winds up working for you. Be careful when mixing romance and career; if this happens, understand the stakes fully.

The Lovers Meaning - in Health

If there are challenges to health, understand that the correct partner - someone who will help you come back to good health - will find you. It might be a healer, a nurse, or a doctor - who it is depends on your preferences. If you happen to have challenges, delve deep into your understanding regarding wellness and health, and go through with any forgiveness work or health affirmations which need to be completed.

The Lovers Meaning - in Finance

Your life is so blissful right now in the department of love that you might lose sight of your finances. Mostly, things will be able to wait, but some items won't. Keep sight of what you need to do and take care of those items.

The Lovers Meaning - in Spirituality

When working with someone special, such as a leader or mentor, that you believe in will move you forward on your journey. Do not, however, follow blindly. Ask questions. Listen up when your heart speaks and pay attention to gut reactions; accept the offerings of others which will help you. Throw out all the rest. Perhaps a mentor is going to enter your life soon. Remember, the teacher will only arrive when his student is prepared.

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