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The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

The Magician
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The Magician Meaning - in General

The Magician card indicates that you're a person with a very creative side. People will always see you as an original individual, though, maybe a little unpredictable at times. Whatever you choose to do in life, you'll be able to do it with such ease, people will not only look up to you, they'll also be envious of you. Having the ability to complete challenges with no difficulty is a gift. Don't waste one moment of your life. You must allow your creative side to flourish as this will give your life perfect balance.

The Magician Meaning - in Love

If you seem to be searching for a new relationship, your time is now. You are most likely to encounter a new love. If there is an existing relationship for you, it will seem to raise itself to deeper, newer levels of enjoyment and commitment. Get out there and meet others, because now is the perfect time for that.

The Magician Meaning - in Work

Your career/work life will take on a noted improvement. This is the perfect time to discover a new career or seek out that promotion. You will probably receive it if you ask! Particularly, if you are in the creative fields, the time is now for you. Your accomplishments and suggestions will be embraced and will lead to better opportunities.

The Magician Meaning - in Health

If you have not been feeling great lately, that is coming to an end. This card tells of strength or its return. If there is an ongoing issue in health which won't get better, you might benefit in some alternative therapies, such as dietary restriction, massage or nutritional counselling.

The Magician Meaning - in Finance

Finances should be looking up with the appearance of this card - even if this seems impossible for you when your reading takes place. Some opportunity will rise up which will let you make some extra money. This may be a chance for work, an idea, or perhaps a higher position. Keep the faith in your abilities and in yourself.

The Magician Meaning - in Spirituality

Now is the perfect time to study your chosen form of spiritual guidance. You have thought it over before but have not gained an opportunity for pursuance. You have the opportunity now. The benefits to you are great, especially through spiritual discussion groups. There may be some sort of spiritual teacher around you right now. This individual is an amazing mentor who will give you new openings in life.

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