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The Moon (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon (reversed)

The Moon (reversed) Meaning - in General

The Moon card indicates that this is a time of heightened intuitive and psychic powers. It's very important, at this time, to remember your dreams. You need to decide which are prophetic and which are fantasy. They're certainly sending you a message, but you must careful not to misinterpret them. This card also indicates frustration with a work colleague or loved one. You're waiting for an important answer which is not forthcoming. Your dreams may already be telling you the answer. This will give you time to act just in case the answer is negative.

The Moon (reversed) Meaning - in Love

Same with its upright meaning, this card reversed might mean an uncomfortable or highly emotional time for you in relationships. Situations may elevate quickly, turning out negative or heated. Move away from your partner or this relationship if necessary. Avoid assumptions, and remember to fight fair when it comes to that. Do not avoid intuition, though. If you do, you will grow more upset, anxious and irritable. Pick battles wisely and remember, your partner is your friend. Do not rush into changing anything, whether it is to begin or end any relationships. Now is not the time for that.

The Moon (reversed) Meaning - in Work

If the Moon comes to you reversed, situations at work sadly seem quite unclear to you at work. The worst time for this is when you believe you know something, but actually don't understand it. At this time, remember to ask plenty of questions, especially with those above you. Practice listening actively to ensure that everyone's communication is clear and everyone understands. Remain as calm and patient as possible, especially if you feel attacked, hand out benefit of doubt to others. It might not be quite as awful as you believe. Do not try for big changes at work; now is not the right time unless you seek a new job.

The Moon (reversed) Meaning - in Health

Now is a time which is critical for listening to that intuition regarding matters of health, as long as you work with the advice of a doctor. When this Moon card is reversed, look cautiously and any feelings or diagnoses provided by doctors, just as this card upright. If any diagnosis, negative or positive, seems incorrect, or if you feel uncomfortable with your doctor, get a new doctor or another opinion. If the card shows reversed, practice caution and care if you choose to use outside substances, such as alcohol or drugs. If there is the need for these, use moderation.

The Moon (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

If this card is reversed for questions of finance, it is clear that perhaps you don't have every piece of necessary information within the realm of finances, though you might think differently. Perhaps there is a trying financial situation in your life, or you happen to be reviewing a contract. Make sure you obtain professional, excellent advice before moving forward with any contracts or huge financial changes. You will not be the only person affected by short clarity; if this card turns, those who surround you may also be misguided.

The Moon (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

If the card is drawn reversed, you remain in the throes of a spiritual period of time. Go receive a reading because now is the time for that! Ask someone for some healing work on your behalf, or discover other spiritual input. You happen to be highly open psychically at this time, but if the Moon is reversed, your messages are fuzzier, and harder to read. This card, whether upright or reversed, tells us to pay closer attention to feelings and thoughts, and also to bits of information which might come from nowhere.

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