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The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon
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The Moon Meaning - in General

Certainly, you are in more of an intuitive, psychic phase than before, so it is very important that you trust in your impressions and instincts, though you may not understand from whence they came. Additionally, it might be helpful to be a bit mistrusting. This cards warns us that everything is not as it looks. Do you feel that someone is untrustworthy? They are. Trust that intuition. If someone is due to deliver you an answer, unfortunately, you may have to continue to wait. Attempt patience.

The Moon Meaning - in Love

This card signifies a very emotional period for relationships in love. Situations might become uncomfortable or heated at an escalated rate. Back away if necessary. Avoid making assumptions. Remember to fight fair, if it comes to that. Choose battles wisely and remember, your lover is your friend. Do not rush to begin or end relationships. Now is not a time for swift decisions.

The Moon Meaning - in Work

Sadly, things are not clear at all right now. Try to listen actively and ask plenty of questions to ensure that everyone understands one another. More patience is necessary here. Remain calm. If you feel attacked, hand out benefit of doubt to supervisors and co-workers. The reality of the situation may be much different than your initial perception.

The Moon Meaning - in Health

Certainly, listen to intuition concerning any issues in health. Whether a diagnosis is negative or positive, if it feels wrong, or if your provider makes you feel uncomfortable, find a different provider or demand second opinions. If you use drugs or alcohol, it will be very easy to do too much right now. Remember moderation.

The Moon Meaning - in Finance

This card indicates waiting, especially if you are currently waiting for someone else to deliver a financial decision for you. Now is the wrong time to go through with decisions in business which are not based in concrete facts.

The Moon Meaning - in Spirituality

Now is quite a spiritual time for you. Gain a reading, see a healer, or indulge in other types of input from those of a spiritual nature. This time is a time when you feel psychically open, even more so than any other time. Give your feelings and thoughts some extra attention, especially paying close attention to pieces of information which might come from thin air. Now is also the time to review all the best world spiritual books - there will be more in it for you.

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