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The Sun (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

The Sun (reversed)
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The Sun (reversed) Meaning - in General

If you receive the Sun card in reverse it's a sign that you're in a dark place. Something has caused your confidence to hit rock bottom and this is the reason why you have withdrawn from the world around you. Your thinking has become clouded because you feel as if you have no purpose in life. All is not lost though, as whenever the sun sets, it will always rise again. You have ambition, ideas and abilities that others can only dream of, so use this card as a tool to move forward. Only you can stop your progress.

The Sun (reversed) Meaning - in Love

If this card comes to you reversed, it might mean that either you or your partner might be taking things for granted. Make this change as fast as possible for things to last. Simultaneously, both of you need to take some time alone. When the reversed Sun card is drawn and you are currently looking, things are looking promising in love. You do, however, need to maintain a great attitude and work on maintaining higher self-esteem. Don't just accept any lovers that you meet. You deserve better.

The Sun (reversed) Meaning - in Work

The Sun reversed is indicative that you are searching for something new. Perhaps your new opportunity is on its way soon. Remain focused on your assets. Review how those talents and skills will benefit employers. Avoid focusing on what that employer might have for you. The Sun in reverse demonstrates specific needs to share that credit! Pay credit to your co-workers for great work, though you may have done the whole project alone. Wholly, if you already have a job, work will be moving forward quickly and will be steady. Remember not to take anything for granted though.

The Sun (reversed) Meaning - in Health

Even though the Sun is reversed, feelings of health and general health are terrific for you. Take some time right now to kick back and enjoy your life. This break will serve you physically and mentally - review your attitude and you will find it is positive! This new positive thought affects directly how great you feel. Find out where you are going right. Improve it! There is much for which to be thankful. Acknowledge this.

The Sun (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

Generally, the upright or reversed Sun means money is better than normal for you. Still, this doesn't mean that you need to spend it quickly. If there is a decision to be made by someone else on which you wait, your wait will be very short. The results will probably be good for you. In reverse, though, you might need to give out more information to receive the decision. If you do, don't worry. This will be good for you.

The Sun (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

This card reversed means you find some confusion regarding your spirituality. You understand that life holds great amounts of joy, happiness and beauty if individuals only know how to look for it. You might be having a hard time finding such beauty yourself, because you need help finding the places to look. If you are having trouble, ask others to help. Find some spiritual mentor. Look around the local spiritual community, if one exists for you. If not, seek some recommendations for communities of spiritual individuals. Make sure it is in harmony with you. Now is the time to try different spiritual avenues to find what truly works in your life. The sun's beauty and strength remain within your spirit. It never leaves you. There just may be some sort of cloud covering what you feel. Keep your faith in the self and in the planet.

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