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The Tower (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

The Tower (reversed)

The Tower (reversed) Meaning - in General

If you receive the Tower card in reverse it should signify big changes in your life. These changes will happen naturally and they will be mostly positive. Whether you're single or in a relationship, expect a marriage proposal or news of a baby. It may be time for a new career, doing something which involves being outdoors. This card could also foretell of a breakdown in a relationship. Somebody that you once relied on will no longer be there when you need them - although this doesn't signify a death.

The Tower (reversed) Meaning - in Love

If you choose the reverse Tower in love matters, the general concerns you have regarding your relationship are far less intense than if the Tower were upright. It is still, however, an indication that your relationship needs to have more communication and more work for its survival. Think in a positive direction and do not try to change the other person. Review how you contribute and find methods to improve what you can. Stay cool and move slowly.

The Tower (reversed) Meaning - in Work

If the Tower is reversed, those who surround you might be more stressed than usual, which will lead to misunderstandings and arguments. These will occur more than usual. Now is the time to realise that you cannot take any of this to heart. Do not get involved in any argument if you don't have to, and check that ego. When the Tower is reversed, it becomes essential for you to consider what you want to say.

The Tower (reversed) Meaning - in Health

The reversed Tower does indicate a milder idea than its upright version. Still, remember the importance of caution in the near future. Pay careful attention to situations which might be dangerous, such as mowing your lawn or driving! Remain consistent until this time passes.

The Tower (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

This card reversed, as in its upright partner, tells you that it is really not a great time for those lotteries, gambling habits or risky investments. Generally, this reversed card means that your future in finances is most likely not as bad as you think. Stop avoiding any financial issues and face everything head on. If help is needed, seek it out right away.

The Tower (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

The Tower in reversed holds a similar meaning to its upright partner. It reminds us that we need our attitude to be highly positive, no matter what else is going on. Remember what you have that is great, and let go of that which is not personal to you. Newer insights and understandings will come your way quickly.

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