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The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

The Tower

The Tower Meaning - in General

The Tower card gives a clear indication that there will be very serious issues surrounding a project that you have undertaken. You are trying to move your life forward in a positive direction, but there are people who want to see you fail in everything that you do. There will always be someone who is jealous of what you have; the key is to know who they are. You will have to upset a few people if you want to become successful, but it's worth noting that you can't make an omelette with breaking a few eggs.

The Tower Meaning - in Love

This card might be, but doesn't have to be, a signal that a certain relationship will end. If you positively, absolutely do not want to see this happen, make sure you implement clear communication and any necessary damage control. Talk to your partner - see how they feel. Make no assumptions. Know for sure.

The Tower Meaning - in Work

The energy surrounding you right now leans in the direction of disagreements; rein in that temper and leave your emotions out of what others might say. Quick reversals might be happening right now. These reversals are in no way a reason to panic. However, be forewarned and make yourself forearmed. Though you might believe your job and income is quite stable, where will you go if it disappeared? Is there somewhere to go quickly for work if necessary? Think through every decision at this time, before any possible crises, and you might be paid back for it later. If you find that you dislike where you work, think through serious changes. Every person deserves happiness.

The Tower Meaning - in Health

It is essential right now to pay close attention to how you are caring for yourself. Use great caution. You may have high stress - do what you can to find calm. Use exercise for this outlet. Research relaxing herbs, but be sure you educate yourself about them and get your physician's approval. Use alcohol or drugs cautiously, if they are in your life.

The Tower Meaning - in Finance

Now is a time to avoid lotteries, gambling, or risky investments at any costs. These things will not help you advance. Even though your financial situation might be frightening, review it fully and know what you have. It might not be that bad. You are, however, not improving anything by ignoring the situation. Deal with issues directly.

The Tower Meaning - in Spirituality

Keep that attitude positive right now. Some great new insights and understandings might happen rather quickly.

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