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The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune Meaning - in General

The Wheel of Fortune card signifies a big change in your life - so long as you're willing to take a chance. You will be given the opportunity to take your career in a completely different direction. Success can be gained from this new opening, though, there is a risk of failure. If you are seeking a challenge and you're open to meeting new people, then there is no reason not to make positive changes. If you are happy keeping things as they are, don't find yourself being consumed by regret later on in life.

The Wheel of Fortune Meaning - in Love

It is highly possible that your relationship is in dire need of a re-negotiation, or maybe it no longer suits you. If the relationship is committed, however, it is not yet doomed. You will have to take steps if you are to hold on. Discuss feelings - this is the best hope for survival. If you happen to be looking, first become extremely clear on who you want in your life, then put yourself out there - either online or through friends to find that person.

The Wheel of Fortune Meaning - in Work

With this card, you will make the important decision to leave that workplace though it might be a great place to be. You no longer feel great being there. Your calling is to follow that big dream, whatever it may be. If the desire is there to change your path, but you have no one in your life who is already working your dream job - find your courage and find that person. Ask for a meeting with them and ask if you can watch what they do. You will find that your request is met with positive vibes.

The Wheel of Fortune Meaning - in Health

If you resist change, your health may suffer. Do what is necessary to control those stress levels. If necessary, return to basics: practice proper rest, nutrition, and regular exercise. It will help. Yoga or meditation may also be beneficial.

The Wheel of Fortune Meaning - in Finance

In finances, the Wheel of Fortune means generally good omens for those who might be having a tough time in finances. Those circumstances will most likely change soon, and the change will be positive. If, however, there has been a long time of prosperity, the opposite might happen. That income might dip. If this happens, make sure there is some money saved. Everything comes out even eventually though.

The Wheel of Fortune Meaning - in Spirituality

It is very essential for you to know that nearly always, we contribute somehow to the happenings of our lives. Rarely do things happen randomly. We are never honestly blameless victims. Accept that which is your responsibility for every situation. Become accountable for the self, and not anyone else. Then move forward. Things do, at times, just happen - when this does occur, remember you do not stand alone. Find support. It is always there.

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