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The World Tarot Card Meaning

The World

The World Meaning - in General

The World card is one of completion. If you've been working hard on a project, you'll soon see the finishing point. It would be very foolish to think of quitting at this stage. You should be very proud of yourself as you will soon have the opportunity to better the lives of many people around you. When you feel you've reached the end, you must take time to relax the body and mind. Take care of your spiritual side because you'll soon be cranking yourself back up to maximum speed.

The World Meaning - in Love

If travel is in your future, and you happen to be looking for love, you might meet that person while abroad. Conversely, if there exists for you that ongoing relationship, it will most likely hit new heights. Love is very interesting and positive right now. Put yourself out there. Talk to those you don't know.

The World Meaning - in Work

In work terms, you might be working way too hard and earning very little money or recognition. If this is true, bring your accomplishments to light a little more. Be sure that your superiors don't overlook those accomplishments 'accidentally'. Perhaps you need to search internationally for further information. Find out how your job is done in other places - you might make some interesting discoveries.

The World Meaning - in Health

Health right now is looking up. Perhaps you will be further helped by a healer. This healer will need to work outside the realms of Western medicine. Do not use this as a replacement to medical therapy, rather, use the two in harmony. Your regular doctor might disagree with your path - if you are told, for example, to avoid yoga due to your arthritis treatment, perhaps it is time for a new doctor. Follow every instinct regarding your health. Find mentors who possess more information. Educate yourself and advocate for health.

The World Meaning - in Finance

Perhaps money is slow for you - this card signifies that blockage will move and money will start flowing. Still, use caution in spending when it starts flowing. Now is the time to start saving some to protect yourself if the blockage happens again. For now, though, money should be a little easier.

The World Meaning - in Spirituality

Most likely, there will be a few clear flashes regarding important insights of a spiritual nature for you. Find a notebook and write everything down. Share them with those around you. Every one of us is experiencing a journey of spirit. These insights will benefit others.

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