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Three of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Three of Swords
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Three of Swords Meaning - in General

The Three of Swords is a clear sign that you're currently in a period of lamentation. Issues that are causing sadness have been buried for too long and they now need to be faced head-on. If you deny your pain, it does not leave, much as a broken bone won't heal if ignored. Accept that loss is part of life and that it must, eventually, be left in the past as a memory. Negative feelings will continue to poison every part of your personality, until you're left unrecognisable by the people who mean the most to you.

Three of Swords Meaning - in Love

With love, this drawn card is not necessarily indicative of an ending relationship. However, there will be pain or difficulty for you. If the affair is to keep up, both of you needs to work together. Talk to each other. It might be that your mate does not love you as you once thought. If this is true, it's not personal. Don't spare too much time for pain. It is simply a sign that something better is there for you. Don't try to force another person to feel what they don't feel. A person who truly cares will care of their own free will without any extra trying from you.

Three of Swords Meaning - in Work

At work, you will get your ego or feelings bruised by an incident that occurs. Attempt to hold on to your perspective. Life is certainly not wholly your profession. Ask for help if necessary to discover a different work approach. Don't be shy about this. If you happen to be searching, try a new approach to find what you seek. Perhaps a completely different field has what you need. Keep searching.

Three of Swords Meaning - in Health

Health diagnoses might not be that great right now. There might be some anxiety or depression that is hurting your physical self. Hold onto an attitude of positive thoughts because this is essential at this time. Doctors are not the end all know all beings of humans. Sometimes we need mind over matter. Give yourself as much love as possible. Research miracle healers. Reach out for help to remain positive. Keep yourself surrounded with as many upbeat influences as possible.

Three of Swords Meaning - in Finance

Sadly, money is in trouble at the appearance of this card. It won't help to panic. Stare the problem square in the face, find the solution, then move forward at a comfortable pace. Perhaps the situation becomes too overwhelming - take it apart. Begin with the most manageable piece, then move forward from there. Put that pride aside if you need help. When others help you they feel uplifted themselves.

Three of Swords Meaning - in Spirituality

Now is the time to let go. Do not keep situations, things, ideas or even individuals who are no longer necessary in life. Room in the spirit for newer concepts needs to be preserved and created. Spend time by yourself - this will help. Is your healing complete? Answers lie within the self, though you might require help to find them. Find someone to talk with.

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