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Two of Cups (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Two of Cups (reversed)

Two of Cups (reversed) Meaning - in General

Receiving the Two of Cups card in reverse is a sign that you need to move onto pastures new. Somebody who is very important to you has not only betrayed your trust, they've done it in the worst possible way. If you forgive this person and allow them to manipulate you, you'll miss a life changing opportunity. Removing negative energy will bring new and exciting changes - changes that will require your full attention. An interesting stranger will ask you for financial investment; put your fears to one side and take a risk.

Two of Cups (reversed) Meaning - in Love

With the Two of Cups card reversed, you need to double check to see if you are giving too much attention to your love. You might be ignoring other important things in life right now. If this card comes up and you are having relationship issues, it might be time to get over past mistakes and start over.

Two of Cups (reversed) Meaning - in Work

If you receive this card reversed, you might find that you are getting less enjoyment from your work life, and you might think that your co-workers have negative feelings toward you. To begin with, stay calm. This phase might pass. However, if this work place really isn't for you, trust your gut and look into a change.

Two of Cups (reversed) Meaning - in Health

If you have current health issues, this card reversed might mean that you need to revisit how you feel about others helping you. You might need some healing, however, you might not want to accept the necessary help. Generally, this card reversed remains a good sign in the health area. Keep that attitude positive, as this is essential right now.

Two of Cups (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

This card in reverse usually means a fairness and balance in money areas. If finances are an issue, look into how you are relating with people at work. Could you improve those relationships? If you can, money might get better too.

Two of Cups (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

Now is the time to work out those feelings of being at one with universal energies and become comfortable with yourself. This card represents the chakra of the heart. Find some bliss, some joy and spread it around.

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