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Two of Swords (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Two of Swords (reversed)
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Two of Swords (reversed) Meaning - in General

This card implies that you need to aware of potential issues with a relationship. Someone from your past is about to re-enter your life and problems will arise, especially if they tell you they've changed and they want a second chance. This individual is absolute proof that a leopard doesn't change it spots. If you don't keep bad forces out of your life then a storm will be coming your way. The Two of Swords in reverse is telling you to make the best of everything that you already have. Don't allow outside forces to cloud your thinking.

Two of Swords (reversed) Meaning - in Love

This card reversed states that now is the time to use caution. Be deliberate in love relationships. You might want to push things forward, but it's the wrong time for that. If you continue your love search, put yourself out there. You will meet someone but love is still a little time off for you. Be very patient.

Two of Swords (reversed) Meaning - in Work

It is very essential right now for you to open up to others in the workplace at the appearance of this reversed card. You are positive that your ideas work best, but you will find that others have already laid great plans. You want to be part of the team right now. No one is going to try to work against you right now.

Two of Swords (reversed) Meaning - in Health

If this card comes to you in health questions, it means that health changes will come to you slowly. This might work out for you, even though you want them to come faster. For example, if you lose weight too fast you will cause other health issues. Move slowly and keep track of little changes. You will feel better eventually.

Two of Swords (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

In financial terms, this card reversed proves that nothing is clear. Even your trusted advisor might be making mistakes in your financial future. Take it slow and use suspicious in any new schemes. Keep money safe and look twice over your documents.

Two of Swords (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

If this card comes in reverse, you will find yourself carried off by the ideas of others. These ideas might not be best for you. Some people might try to sway you right now. Don't let them.

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